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"Molly, thank you for all the wonderful breaks I can take from running my own business when I read your Authentic Promotion ezine, so full of great pragmatic advice and thoughts - just what I need and so uplifting!" ~ Jackie Tod, Partner RT&A, The Amrop Hever Group - Paris

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"Molly hits the nail on the head every time with her newsletter. As an artist, there is always struggle between the making of work and the selling/marketing of product. Molly Gordon hangs it out there for all to see and follow by example. She is a teacher of authenticity, knowing yourself, feeding your business and thriving as an entrepreneur. She is a North Star in my humble opinion. I HIGHLY recommend and encourage everyone to sign up for her newsletter and check out all she has to offer on her many links."
Nicole Strasburg, Artist, Santa Barbara, CA

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"To be honest, I first subscribed because a friend of mine was a client of yours, and since I was starting my coaching biz, she said - subscribe, her stuff is great (and still is - a great model of professionalism). So I subscribed to see what a coaches’ ezine looked like, but I stay because I respect your opinion and views & it challenges me personally. You present things in no nonsense easy to understand, yet challenging (on a deeper level) way. My perceptions around the power of collaboration have shifted (for the better!) I have also gotten much more comfortable with the idea of

The series on selling to your list has been of great benefit to me -- both the concepts & to see that even others struggled with this. Now I know that authentic marketing is the only way, at least for me.

I'd highly recommend your ezine to all biz owners who are afraid to sell."
Paula Gregorowicz, Owner, The Paula G Company, Philadelphia, PA

AP ezine - Your small business marketing guide

"I found your website early on and related to who you were as a person, how you represented yourself. Also your interest
I realize that the biggest benefit I get from reading your ezine it is connection to someone in the field who makes sense to me. Other than that it is bits of great information, but information doesn't so much thrill me anymore. So, I guess you feel like an old friend even if we don't know each other and you don't know me at all. You build great relationship ;-) We seem to be on parallel paths. You don't overwhelm me with email beyond the ezine. You feel authentic.
I heartily recommend your ezine to women entrepreneurs with spiritual and environmental awareness who want to market their businesses without compromising their sense of who they are at their core."
Kathy Loh, Life and Relationship Coach, Soquel, CA

AP ezine - Your small business marketing guide

"Again and again, I find gems in your newsletter that I use to keep me and my team going in the right direction. Thanks! Keep 'em coming!" ~ Robynn Coulter, Exhibitor Service Manager,

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