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About Molly

How do you make a good living at the work you love when you don't love the business part?


Does this sound familiar?

  • You feel called to do a certain kind of work in the world, and you're afraid you won't be able to make a good living at it.

  • In spite of your commitment to earning a good living, you know you have some inner roadblocks to the business piece.

  • There's so much information about business, you don't know whom to trust or where to begin.

  • And when it comes to growing your income, most days you aren't clear about exactly what to do next.

  • You just want a reliable way to authentically, whole-heartedly grow your business so you can do the work you love, make a difference, and make a decent living.

Is that too much to ask? No. But it may take a bit of alchemy.

It takes two things to become profitable when you love your work, but don't love business

You need to commit to earning a good living. That requires outer transformation, mastery of essential planning, marketing, and sales tools that every business needs in order to be profitable.

But without an inner mandate that aligns your commitment to profit with your values, you're not likely to sustain your efforts to use those tools. Unless they resonate with something deep inside, you'll get distracted, frustrated, or just plain scared before you get results.

That inner mandate means undergoing an inner transformation that dissolves old stories around money, visibility, and other inner blocks to success.

Profit Alchemy is a program of inner and outer transformation that creates the foundation for long-term profitability. Profitability that is in deep alignment with who you are and what you are here to do.

The four essential elements of transformation

There are four essences or elements that, when brought together create the foundation for profitability. Like the raw ingredients of alchemical formulas, they are simple in themselves. But put them together and you get gold.

  1. Aligned Goals. To make a profit at work you love, you need business goals that are 100% aligned with your purpose. When they aren't, you can get caught in an endless tug-of-war between growing your business and doing meaningful work.

    Profit Alchemy shows you how to set business goals that are fully aligned with your purpose. The result is a boundless source of inspiration and motivation. Managing and marketing your business is woven into the fabric of doing great work. It's so much simpler to decide which projects to take on and which to let go of. A lot of the internal chatter about how you should be growing your business goes away.

  2. Congruent Know-how. Obviously, you need know-how to make a profit. You need a map and a detailed “how to” to get you where you want to go. You need tools for finding just-right clients, creating irresistible offers, and bringing in revenue. But if you're going to apply it consistently, the know-how must be absolutely congruent with your purpose and your personality.

    Profit Alchemy teaches you how to manage, market, and sell in ways that fit who you are and how you want to show up. And they work.

  3. Blockbusters. Resistance is inevitable in any sustained creative endeavor. And resistance is especially common when it comes to doing what it takes to create a profitable business around the work you love. Profit Alchemy offers-three powerful, proven methods for dissolving resistance and turning it into fuel for creativity and action. (And having a Master Certified Coach around doesn't hurt.)

  4. A Master Mind Group. In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill described a Master Mind as “the coordination of effort between two or more people who work toward a definite end, in the spirit of harmony.” Hill observed that “No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”

    A Master Mind Group solves the problems caused by isolation. It is there for you when your confidence flags. It helps you be accountable so you maintain focus and momentum. And because it's so much easier to see what's going on in someone else's business, you learn heaps from watching others meet and surmount their challenges.

    Besides, it's just more fun. Wink

    Every participant in Profit Alchemy will have a Master Mind Group and a Master Mind Forum where you can check in with each other daily.


Magic WandProfit Alchemy: like magic, but real

Profit Alchemy is a seemingly magical process of transforming struggling businesses into businesses that thrive. With Aligned Goals, Congruent Know-how, and a Master Mind Group you will finally have a way to make a good living at work you love.

Profit Alchemy will ignite fierceness, courage, and vision as you build your business. It will help you not freak out when inevitable moments of overwhelm happen. It will show you what to do and dissolve the assumptions and misconceptions that keep you from consistent profitability. Imagine the confidence and peace of mind that can give you.


Julia MatternI developed specific processes for dealing with internal roadblocks that come up in the course of building my business. I learned how to become comfortable with pricing my offerings and specific techniques to create structure and systems in my business.

In short, I came away with pretty much all the tools and techniques I need to be successful as a solopreneurs.

I would recommend this course to any solopreneurs, particularly coaches and others in service-based businesses, who are interested in being part of a community of like-minded people and working with a master business coach in starting, defining, expanding their businesses.

I got what I came for and much more! Profit Alchemy gave me the confidence to market myself more assertively, the plan to market myself more consistently, the language to market myself authentically and in a way that appeals to my ideal clients and the support to move through my challenges.

Julia Mattern, Life and Holistic Health Coach, Indianapolis, Indiana

Profit Alchemy is for you if

  • You are serious about making a good living at work you love.

    You are goal phobic or resistant to structure, but you know you need structure make your business profitable.

  • You know what you need to do, but it's hard to do it consistently. You get lost, discouraged, or distracted so you never get the momentum you need to get results.

  • You are committed to your own growth and transformation and get excited at the prospect of making a profit being part of that.


It's not for you if...

  • You aren't committed to making a business out of the work you love. (It's okay if you don't. Not everybody does.)

  • You aren't ready to say "Yes!" to a systematic way of becoming profitable. Alchemy works, but only if you work at it.

  • Yow are looking for instant results. (I'd love to offer them, but that's not how 99% of businesses grow. I want you to succeed, not chase after a pipe dream.)


Here's what I want for you by the end of nine months


  • Clarity about your larger purpose that animates the daily actions you take to make a profit.

  • Confidence in your ability to do what it takes to market and sell your work with integrity.

  • The know-how to identify, attract, and enroll clients that fit just-right.

  • Lasting insight into your stuck places and proven tools for making lasting shifts.

  • A grounded way to build profit-making momentum no matter how allergic to business you've been in the past.


    Mark Silver Testimonial"I've been very careful who I get help from for my business. It holds my dreams, my integrity, my mission, and also my family's livelihood. Molly Gordon is someone I've turned to again and again (and again) to help with compassionately breaking my dysfunctional patterns, for practical advice on structuring my business, and for looking deeply at what needs to be done and why. And every time, every time, she's told me something, it's born out as true.

    "She's an amazing coach, with a depth of experience, heart, and integrity in small business that is rare to see. I'm glad I get her input every month."

    Mark Silver, Heart of Business, Inc.


Why nine months?

There are three reasons why the Profit Alchemy Program is nine months long.

  1. Implementation. Profit Alchemy includes three complete courses plus three blockbuster coaching tools. In nine months you can integrate and apply what you learn so you have the foundations of a profitable business.

  2. Feedback creates powerful shifts over time. Each time you take action in the course, you get feedback from your Master Mind Group, from me, and from your own experience. It takes time and repetition for this feedback to set you firmly on the right course.

  3. You want lasting shifts. Unless you have a "business head," you probably have inner blocks to overcome on the way to profitability. In nine months you can create the kind of lasting shifts that will empower you for years to come.

    Lara Grauer testimonial[Thanks to Profit Alchemy] I made huge strides in my confidence. I now have many tools at my disposal to help me get through the tough spots and to keep me moving forward at a faster pace.

    The biggest learning for me was that I have the power to make real, significant, lasting change in myself. Once I have identified the changes I want to make, I know that I will be able to make them.

    Profit Alchemy taught me so many ways to approach various challenges in business. I've gained tremendous confidence, and I'm beginning to feel my momentum take hold. I'm so glad that I've had this group to share the experience with. As a result of this class, I know I've got support in many forms whenever I need it.

    [I recommend Profit Alchemy to] self-employed people who love their work but have trouble making the money flow in their business.

    Lara Grauer, Seattle children's photographer, “Your kids the way you see them.”


Profit Alchemy includes

profit alchemy

Profit Alchemy 101

The principles and tools of this course will be used throughout the 9-month period to keep you focused, efficient, and accountable.  You will be applying the original distinctions with more and more power as you progress.  Value: $450


find clients that fit just rightThe Goldilocks Strategy for Getting Clients that Fit Just Right

In this six-part unit you will identify just-right clients, find the exact language to attract them and enroll them in your offers, and design those offers so they are compelling. The Goldilocks Strategy applies to all your marketing and sales projects from Web sites to blogs to newsletters to copywriting. Value: $750


Authentic PromotionAuthentic Promotion

Following a simple, proven process, you'll write your personal manifesto. Then you'll get out from under depressing marketing myths and discover your signature marketing methods. Finally, you'll create a dead-simple marketing plan that is fun and flexible. Oh, and along the way you'll find out how to overcome blocks to self-promotion. Value: $650





Inspired Copywriting

Writing to sell shouldn't be about persuading unwitting people to buy what they may not want. And it shouldn't feel like wearing someone else's dress to your own party. Inspired Copywriting is about connecting heart to heart and mind to mind with your just-right clients. It is like writing a letter to your best friend. Building on Authentic Promotion and Goldilocks, and with a step-by-step writing system, you'll learn to write compelling web pages for irresistible offers. Value: $550


Blockbusters: Gently but firmly dissolve internal blocks to making a profit!

Throughout Profit Alchemy we'll use three powerful technologies for identifying and overcoming blocks to being profitable. The first blockbuster is Overcoming Immunity to Change. The result of this process is crystal clarity about where you get stuck and a custom-tailored road map for getting onto the path of profitability. Value: $500

Certified Facilitator The Work of Byron KatieThe second blockbuster is The Work of Byron Katie. As a Certified Facilitator of The Work, I will support you in identifying and questioning the stressful thoughts that get in the way of being profitable. Value: $350

The third blockbuster is The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic). TED is a model for getting out of the dreaded drama triangle—where you can get stuck in victim, persecutor, or rescuer roles—and into the Empowerment Dynamic, where you can be a creator. Value: $450


building blocksIntegration calls

As you can see, Profit Alchemy is rich and deep. It's like getting a brand new, colorful set of building blocks. Throughout the program there will be integration calls, so you can ask questions and get coaching about using those blocks to build your own profitable business. Value: $1350


Master Mind businessMaster Mind Groups

As a participant in Profit Alchemy you'll be part of a small Master Mind group of 4-6 people. You will learn so much faster when you have the experience, wisdom, and perspective of your peers. Value: $1850

How Profit Alchemy is different

There are three ways Profit Alchemy is different from other programs:

  1. Profit Alchemy is designed especially for self-employed people as opposed to small business owners.

  2. The unique blend of teaching plus Master Mind Groups mean that you will be applying what you learn consistently to grow profits. It's not just theory; it's where the rubber meets the road.

  3. Profit Alchemy uses a mind-body-spirit approach that has been proven to support lasting change through inner and outer transformation.


    Mary Bryan Roberts Yes, this program works! This afternoon after our call, I got an email from a client for whom I just completed a group of 4 coaching clients, and they want me to coach 4 more!

    Mary Bryan Roberts, MBR Leadership Resources, North Carolina


What Profit Alchemy asks of you

Profit Alchemy happens when you combine Aligned Goals, Congruent Know-how, and the support of a Master Mind Group in a conscious, intentional way. It works like magic when you do your part.

Here's what it takes to get results from Profit Alchemy.

  • Commitment to making a profit.

  • Willingness to step out of your comfort zone.

  • At least four hours per week, in addition to the teleconferences, to do the work and apply it to your business. (Does that sound like a lot? Think about it this way. If you don't already have all the work you want, it just makes sense to use your time to get more.)

  • Daily check-ins with your Master Mind Group in an online forum. These can take as little as five minutes, but they are essential to your success.

  • The willingness to ask for what you need so you can put what you learn to work in your biz. I've been coaching people like you for 17 years. Nothing would make me happier than to put that experience to work on your behalf.

You don't have to do it alone. Your peers and I will be there with you every step of the way. Together, we will work on your business so you can be profitable.

Alice BrockI started the course feeling like a failure. I didn't like my business very much anymore and I felt bludgeoned from trying so many courses and manuals that only seemed to add to my colossal stuckness. I had no confidence left in myself at all. The only reason i hadn't quit already was because I knew that my business is part of my purpose in life and that perennial unhappiness would dog me if ever I quit.

What changed for me was I got my confidence back. I feel strong again inside. I feel confident about what I offer. I feel confident that I can talk to anyone about what I offer, and I feel confident that I can write marketing materials that will beckon to my just right tribe members and say, "Psst, hey, over here, there's help for you, really, there is."

I found out that you can't do it alone, you lone ranger, you. Or I can't do it alone, at any rate. The sense of community was a godsend. Having the community there helped me solve problems in a day that I would have stumbled over for months.

Alice Brock, healer,

Here's an overview of what is covered in Profit Alchemy

Snow blossomJanuary: Purpose, focus, accountability, momentum. You will learn how to set a Big Hairy Audacious Goal to pull your business forward while serving your Purpose. You'll begin using a powerful tool with your Master Mind Group that reframes accountability and builds confidence and momentum. You'll learn how to work with resistance and how to chunk things down so that you can count on yourself to do what it takes to make a profit.

February: Getting Clients, part 1, and The Empowerment Dynamic. This month you will experience the secret to being comfortable and grounded when you talk about your work, whether with prospective clients, referral sources, or the lady in line at the checkout counter. You'll discover the single most important thing to know about getting clients that fit just-right. (Yes, there's heaps more to know, but it all depends on understanding this one key principle.) And I'll introduce you to The Empowerment Dynamic, one of the most elegant and powerful models I know for accomplishing your vision.

Cherry blossomsMarch: Integration and Getting Clients, part 2. Wow! You've already learned so much. We'll begin March with an Integration Call (can you spell b-r-e-a-t-h-e?) to help you digest and apply what you've learned so far. Then you'll find out how you can know exactly what your just-right clients want from you and understand exactly what language to use so that they come to you for it.

April: YOU can have a marketing plan, and it can be SIMPLE. We begin with another Integration Call to make sure you've got it going on with the Getting Clients work. I want you to be confident in your ability to connect with your just-right clients with ease. Then we dive into Authentic Promotion. First, you'll get out from under Old Marketing Stories using The Work of Byron Katie. Then you'll write a One Page Marketing Plan. No kidding. And it works.

May: Can we talk about money? If you want to get somewhere, it sure helps to know where the finish line is. Now that you have some tools for bringing in business, we'll take a good look at what it means to make a profit. What's the difference between income and profit (and why the heck should you care)? How much do you really need to earn? And please, God, can we figure out a way to make all that money? You'll end the month with the tools to create irresistible offers that fit the wants and needs of your just-right clients.

Do you see how these elements work together? It's very cool, if I do say so myself.

Profit Alchemy summerJune: Implementation and Overcoming Immunity to Change. This month is all about action. We start with two Integration Calls to review, digest, and apply what you've been learning. Every week you'll work with your Master Mind Group to implement your One Page Marketing Plan. Meanwhile, I'll take you through the first step of a daring adventure with Overcoming Immunity to Change. Strictly for spiritual and psychological grown-ups, this process will reveal the inner dynamic of whatever stands between you and a business breakthrough. It will shake you up and leave you chomping at the bit to make things happen in your business.

July: Let's keep this train rolling (without going off the rails from overwhelm). We pick up where we left off with Overcoming Immunity to Change. You'll end up with an individual master plan for making your business breakthrough. I know that's hyperbolic language, and I use it advisedly. This process is evolutionary. (No, I did not forget the "r.")

Profit Alchemy celebration and completionAugust: How to create a landing page that converts. A landing page is a web page where people land because they clicked on a link somewhere. It might be the sign up page for your blog. It could be a sales page for a product or service. This month you will learn how to plan and write a landing page that gets the results you want. You'll be drawing on everything you've learned so far plus some simple handouts to make the process as straightforward as possible.

September: Embodying success. In September you will pull it all together. There will be ample time for on-the-spot coaching during the calls to make sure you know how to apply everything you've learned to your own business. We'll end with one heck of a virtual celebration.


And for six people only
Profit Alchemy with One-on-One Mentoring

The mentoring program is sold out.

Profit Alchemy is designed to give you tools, confidence, and momentum to make a profit at work you love. Throughout the program you'll have the support of your Master Mind Group to help you apply what you learn to your own business. As a result you will have a strong foundation for long-term profitability.

And for six people only, I'm offering more: a personal mentoring option in which I work side-by-side with you to integrate everything you learn into your business in real time. I'll give you individual attention and support so that you take action. Together we'll assess your situation, set priorities, define projects, and track your progress.

I'd call it Profit Alchemy on steroids, but I don't want to scare you. It's focused, intense, and action-oriented. That said, I intend for it to be fun as well.

Here's what the One-on-One Mentoring Option includes

  • The complete Profit Alchemy program.

  • Five individual coaching calls with Molly.

  • A mentees' Master Mind group including a private mentees' forum.

  • Nine mentees' Master Mind calls facilitated by me on Wednesdays January 9, February 6, March 6, April 3, May 1, June 5, July 10, August 14, and September 11.

  • Written feedback in the mentees' forum on every assignment, including your personal manifesto, marketing plan, and copywriting.

Only six people will be accepted into the Mentees' program. If you are interested, I encourage you to apply now.

Who the One-on-One Mentorship option is for

One-on-one mentorship is about creativity, passion, resourcefulness, and commitment. It requires enthusiasm, stamina, and a good sense of humor. (Why humor? Because growth isn't always pretty, and if we can't laugh at ourselves, well, I think you get where I'm going.)

  • You are prepared to invest 6-8 hours each week in your business (including class time).

  • The idea of meeting obstacles as opportunities for inner and outer transformation lights you up.

  • You're prepared to ask for what you want and need to create a profitable business.

  • You are ready to commit to the success of a small group of peers.

  • You are up for the ride.

What can you expect from One-on-One Mentorship?

As a result of Profit Alchemy with One-on-One Mentorship, you can expect to firmly launch a new business or take an existing business to the next level. You will be stretched, inspired, challenged, and invigorated. After nine months you will know exactly what it takes to make your business profitable, and you'll know how to follow through. You and your mentee Master Mind peers will have established relationships that can last a lifetime.

You can expect to work your butt off, see concrete results, and have a very good time doing it.

Jennifer Louden

Molly helped me get clear on what I wanted to do with one of my businesses. The very next day, I had created a new business relationship that will make more money for me and less work, while freeing up time for my new creative pursuits.

Jennifer Louden, Bainbridge Island, WA
Best-Selling Author and Personal Coach,



How Profit Alchemy works

teleconferencesThree live teleconferences each month. Some of the time I will be teaching or coaching. Some of the time you will spend meeting with your Master Mind Group. And there will be time for Q&A.

notebookHandouts: You'll have detailed handouts for each class that explain exactly what to do to get results. The handouts and teleconferences work together to make sure you understand and can apply what you'll learn.

anoMp3s of every teleconference: Each class will be recorded so you can make up for missed classes and listen again and again to keep learning.

earning communityPrivate Master Mind Forums: Your Master Mind Forum, an online community, is central to your success in Profit Alchemy. It is what alchemists call an alembic, a container in which raw materials are transformed into gold.


ommunity supportTranscripts of every teleconference. Recordings are great, except when you want to scroll through to find something specific. Besides, you can't mark up or make notes on an audio. As part of the program, you'll receive a transcript for every session. Relax with a cup of tea and review the material  comfortably.


Logistics and Schedule

What: Teleconferences, online community forum, pdf handouts and transcripts.

When: The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tuesday of January, 2013, then the first three Tuesdays of each month from February through September, 2013. Teleconferences are from 1:00-2:30pm Pacific Time (4:00-5:30pm Eastern Time).*

How: Teleconference. (Long distance rates may apply. Teleconference is accessible by Skype.)

*To find the times in your part of the world, go to World Time Server.

Here's a recap of everything that's included.

Look it over. Consider where you are in your life and business. Then if what you see resonates, fill out the application below and schedule a complimentary Purpose and Profit Consultation.



Profit Alchemy

24 spaces only

Profit Alchemy
with One-on-One Mentoring

6 spaces only


27 teleconferences (90-minutes each)






Detailed handouts






mp3 recordings of every teleconference






Partner and Master Mind exercises






Master Mind Forums (online community)






Transcripts of every teleconference






5 one-hour private coaching calls with Molly





9 Mentee Master Mind calls facilitated by Molly





Written feedback from Molly on assignments and projects




Your investment

$4,500 or $525 per month for 9 months

$7,500 or $850 per month for nine months

No payment is due until we've decided together that Profit Alchemy is right for you. Click HERE to APPLY and schedule your complimentary Purpose and Profit Strategy Session. I'll reserve places in the program in the order in which applications are received.


Click HERE



Prerequisite. You'll need The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur for the class. We'll be using material from the book and accompanying materials. If you don't have a copy, you can get one here.


Lori Ann Clark testimonialI proved to myself that I can write content we can use to sell our products and that was huge. [I also got a] Big Hairy Audacious Goal that supports my love of being self employed—either strengthening it for myself and/or helping others revel in it as well.

I think there are a lot of product and retail biz owners who could use [Profit Alchemy] to learn to market better, promote better, and increase profitability in their businesses too.

Lori Ann Clark, Danville Signal

dream cloudThe Sweet Dreams Guarantee

Profit does not need to be a pipe dream. I really want for you to get firmly on a profitable, authentic path. If you decide for any reason (up to one year after the program ends) that Profit Alchemy wasn't worth what you invested, you can ask for a refund. And yes, there are conditions.

Dreams come true when they are in alignment with your true self and you take modest, purposeful, ongoing action to bring them into reality. In other words, making a dream come true requires commitment to the dream and follow-through.

I guarantee that this program will get you solidly on the path of profitability, provided you do three things.

  • Attend or listen to at least 22 of the 27 calls.
  • Complete 80% of the assignments, including partner and Master Mind work.
  • Participate in your Master Mind Forum at least three times a week.

My experience is that people who do those things get results. If after doing your part, you don't see results, I will refund 100% of your investment.

May I help you become profitable in 2013?

I know what it's like to under-earn. It's frustrating, scary, and it saps your energy for the work you love. I've spent tens of thousands of dollars and countless weeks and months learning how to make the work I love consistently profitable. You don't have to do that. Come, spend nine months with me, and your business will have a solid foundation for profits.

If you are uncertain

I understand that nine months is a big commitment. What I ask you to consider is this: what progress have you made in the last nine months? What might have been different if you had had the structure and support of a program like Profit Alchemy? And how will you generate and maintain the focus and momentum you need to become profitable in the future?

A last word to the newly self-employed

If you are new to self-employment or about to make the change, this program can save you years of frustration and confusion. One way or another it is essential that you clarify from the very beginning who your just-right client is, how to make irresistible offers, and how to get out of your own way as you build your business. Profit Alchemy will give you the tools and supports to make a good living at the work you love.

Ananda Hills Farm testimonial[I recommend Profit Alchemy to] any small business entrepreneur who is feeling stuck and wishes to have the support of a wonderful mentor (Molly) and group of mentors and for whom traditional business classes haven't worked in the past.

Thank you, Molly, so much for putting together such an amazing depth and breadth of information that really excited me and blew open a lot of blockages for me. Thank you for being so kind, so encouraging and so funny. Having a homework partner was really brilliant!

Jennie Watkins, Ananda Hills Farm Port Ludlow, WA


The next step: Apply and schedule a complimentary Purpose and Profit Consultation

If you are serious about becoming more profitable in 2013, I invite you to complete the application below and schedule a complimentary Purpose and Profit Consultation.

During the Purpose and Profit Consultation, you will:

  • Clarify your vision for a purposeful and profitable business.
  • Define the essential steps to making your vision reality.
  • Understand the biggest obstacle that keeps you from creating the business you want.
  • Identify key confidence and momentum builders.
  • Complete the consultation with the confidence that you know what to do next to step into and fulfill your vision of a purposeful and profitable business.

Remember, you are eligible for the early-bird discount when you apply before 5pm PST on December 18th. I expect Profit Alchemy to fill quickly, and I will reserve seats in the order in which I receive applications.

If you still have questions, you'll find answers to the most commonly asked ones below the application form.

Click to complete the Profit Alchemy application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the class and bonuses are worth what you say they are?
How can I tell if this is a good investment for me?
What if I can't attend the course and wish to cancel?
What materials will I receive?
Will there be assignments?
What kind of support will you give me?
What happens if I miss a class?
Are there any hidden costs?
Do I have to buy something else to make this make sense to me?
How does a teleconference work?
Do I have to pay for long-distance calls?

Question?If you have a question that is not addressed here, just email me at Or pick up the phone and call me at 360-697-7022.

How do I know the class and bonuses are worth what you say they are?
You'll find heaps of programs offering so-called bonuses with hugely inflated values. You'll notice that I don't do that. The prices I assign to the various elements of the class and bonuses are based on what I have really charged (and people have really paid) for similar items in the past.

Back to FAQ

How can I tell if this is a good investment for me?
When you work for yourself, it's important to make good financial decisions. Here are some ways to think about this investment and determine if it's right for you at this time.

Compared to coaching
Individual coaching with me costs $400 per hour, and that's when I have an opening.

Compared to doing nothing
Where are you likely to be three, six, or nine months from now if you don't invest in your business? Can you realistically afford to do nothing?

Think about the hourly cost of hiring a graphic designer, copywriter, or web site programmer. This course won't take the place of those services, but it can prevent you from spending thousands on marketing methods that won't work. Back to FAQ

What if I can't attend the course and wish to cancel?
If you cancel before December 20, you will receive a complete refund. If you cancel after December 20, you will receive a refund if we can fill your place. There are no refunds after the course begins, though if you need to cancel you can apply the unused portion of your course fee to another product or program. Back to FAQ

What materials will I receive?
A week prior to each class you will receive a link to download handouts for the coming lesson. There will be some things in the handouts that are not covered in the teleclass and vice versa, so it is important that you listen to the audio and read the handouts every week. Back to FAQ

Will there be assignments?
Yes. The core of the program is a daily (workdays only) practice that will take you about 10 minutes. There will also be weekly assignments. Plan to spend at least four hours per week growing a more profitable business. I also recommend checking the support forum daily. Just 10 minutes looking at what others are doing will increase your understanding and skill greatly. Back to FAQ

What kind of support will you give me?
You can request unlimited support in the private online forum. You can post questions here and ask for help whenever it is convenient for you. In the past, participants have said the support they get from each other in the forum is one of the best parts of the course. We learn best when we teach others.
Back to FAQ

.What happens if I miss a class?
Participation is key to getting the most out of the Profit Alchemy. It's okay to miss the occasional class, provided you make time to listen to the recording the same week, so you can stay current. What's going to make the difference is staying involved with your Master Mind group, doing the assignments, and participating in the forum between classes. Back to FAQ

Are there any hidden costs?
In addition to the course fee, you may want to budget for long distance charges, calling cards, or Skype minutes. Back to FAQ

Do I have to buy something else to make this make sense to me?
Yes. You need The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur. However, you do not have to have read the entire book or listened to the accompanying recordings in advance. Back to FAQ

How does a teleconference work?
A teleconference meets on a “phone bridge,” a bit of technology that lets many people meet by phone simply by dialing a US phone number. There are no conference operators and no special charges for using this service. You may incur long distance charges if it is a long distance call for you.

To participate, you'll register with MaestroConference to get a free personal PIN number. At class time, you will call a US number and enter your personal PIN number. When you do that, you will be connected to the class. If I'm not on the line yet, you may hear silence or “hold music” until I arrive and open the teleconference. Back to FAQ

Do I have to pay for long-distance calls?
This depends on your long distance plan. Many phone companies now offer plans with unlimited long distance in the US, in which case your call will be free. If you do not have this kind of service, you may wish to dial in on a cell phone. Again, that depends on the type of plan you have.

There are free services, such as Skype, that enable you to call via the Internet. If you use a PC, ask me about the MaestroConference PC-Dialer, a new feature in beta testing that enables you to call in from your computer, provided you are connected to the Internet.

Finally, you can investigate long distance calling cards. Back to FAQ


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